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Susan Abney

Mystic Market Host. Owner for SEMO Mystic Events, LLC and Of The Earth Metaphysical Supply.

Susan is a mom of 3, wife, host of Mystic Market, owner of multiple businesses, a tarot reader, holistic health practitioner, spiritual advisor, pendulum whisperer, intuitive, jewelry maker, crystal & metaphysical dealer, event planner, and more.

She has been in the spiritual & crystal community for almost 10 years! After the closure of her retail metaphysical store in September 2022, she has leaned more into the event planning side of things.

Photo taken by: Koda Lynn Lasting Captures

Mystic Market History

Mystic Market started out as a small fundraiser in October 2021 for our host, Susan Abney. Thrown together quickly, but successful event that took place outside Of The Earth in the back and front parking lots. That event paved the way to what Mystic Market is today. With each bi-annual event, we grow bigger and better.

We strive to bring our SEMO communities a safe marketplace with a good
environment to meet others who share similar beliefs and hobbies. Our goal is to meet your wants and needs in the metaphysical & spiritual world. Your feedback means a lot to us. If you see our event feedback forms, please take the time to fill them out! It helps us better serve you and the community!

Photo by: KodaLynn Lasting Captures
Photo of: Susan Abney (Mystic Market Host) &
Cynthia Durgan (Street Level Coordinator)


Co-Hosts & Sponsors

We have help with managing and planning our events!

New Black Hat Logo.png

Fellowship of the Black Hats is our SEMO region eclectic group for those who are Pagan (non-Christian/secular). This group is a safe place to talk, share, and educate. We get together for special events and when we can, group meetings. We utilize volunteers from our group to help run events to show we are not scary people and how accepting we are as a collective. It helps bring a light to us!

Click here for our Facebook group.

Partnership & Sponsorship Opportunities

Mystic Market raises money at the door for local charities. This event is held 2x a year. We also host other events that do not contribute to charities, but are open to the possibilities! We are always looking to donate to local organizations that truly need help due to lack of funding and people raising money for their cause. So many charities such as Street Level are struggling to get funds. Most of their funding comes from good people from our area who donate. Government funding is hard to apply for with their lengthy processes, but even harder still to actually get the funding they apply for. 

With your help, we can get better advertising which means more people in the door to get donations. If you would like to be a part of our mission, please reach out to me! Thank you for your time and consideration!

Photo: Stephanie White (Drury Plaza Event Coordinator)
& Susan Abney (Mystic Market Host)

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