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Mystic Market History

Mystic Market of SEMO is first and foremost, a fundraiser held semi-annually. this event is our bread & butter and the OG event that lead us to where we are today. 

our events are magical, mystical, occult, and spiritual related at it's core. you will vendor vendors at this event don't fit inside a box, unless it's maybe made out of bones. we are love, we are light, we are sugar & spice, sage & hood, all wrapped into a unique vibe that you can only get from mystic market.

we strive to serve up the best of the best in our local areas, as well as bring in outside vendors and readers to shake things up. need a psychic medium? we know a few. need help with some ghosties? we know some of those people too.

thank you for helping our event grow each and every event! the love and energy that is always at this show is just top notch. it's truly hard to beat. just remember.. you helped make that happen, bestie. <3 

next mystic market dates

Drury Plaza Conference Center
3351 Percy Drive
Cape Girardeau, MO 

3/16/24  10 AM - 6 PM
3/17/24  11 AM - 5 PM

10/26/24  |  10 am - 6 pm
10/27/24  |  10 am - 5 pm

**Mystic Market raises money at the door to help a local charity. The entry fee for this event is $8 for anyone over the age of 12. FREE classes daily with admission. Hot food available for sale by The Southerner.
As the event date approaches, we will have more accurate details regarding class schedules and menu.

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Click here to be taken to the Mystic Market Fall application.  If you have questions, please email us.

Private Parties
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Photo by; Koda Lynn Lasting Captures, Picture of: MidgeyMay Insects & Oddities table

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