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Psychic Fair of SEMO
May 18th, 2024
10am -  6pm
Spill The Tea with Amber
(Tea Leave Readings)

Virago Vault
Osteomancy (Bone Readings)

Victoria Webb
(Oracle & Ancesteral Readings)

(Oracle & Charm Pulls)

Shanna Robert
(Reflexology & Oracle Readings)

Divination by Destiny
(Palm Readings)

Transcend with Tiffany
(Transparent Tarot)

Modern American Shamanism
(Rune Readings)

(Self Birthed Tarot Readings)

Readings by Victoria
(Ancestral & Oracle Readings)

Lindsay Duff
(Intuitive & Angel Messages)

Lizz Plank
(Aura Readings & Clearings)

Fire Within LLC
(Aura Photography)

Sam Yang
(Intuitive Drawings)

Hoodoo Belle
(Conjure Witch Doctor)

Taylor Finnel
(Reiki Card Pulls)

Healing Elements by Susan
(Intuitive Messages, Soul Readings, & Intuitive Pendulum Making)

CJC Consulting

Jadzia Black
(Mooncard Readings)

(Intuitive & Angel Messages)

Gizmo & Addyson
Tarot with a Dragon

Garden of Gabriel
(Reiki Healing)

Shanna Robert

Cheryl Deemer
(Energist Quantum Shifting Reiki Master, Light Bed services)

Soul Rise - Reiki Healing

The Trendy Soul
The Etch & The Offering
Infinite Intentions Gemworks
The Nature Cottage
Divine Intentions
Curls N Things
Wicked Azalea
Asphyxia Resin
Black Cat Apothecary
Harvest Moon Hobbies, LLC
Roy Foster Art
Lunar Phoenix Design
Crystal Clear Connection
The Etch and The Offering
Smoores Confections
Aquarius Teas
Green Willow Botanicals
Indigo Woman Studio
Healing Elements by Susan
Crafters Apothecary
The Virago Vault
Telle's Sweets & Treats
Sisterhood of the Hallows
The Smile Booth

Check out some pictures from our events!

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